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What is the Slut Machine ?
Slut back panel The server that transports your data since 1994.
Up and running every second, every minute, every day.
The Slut Machine (nifty idea at SpeWWW) is a rock solid piece of hardware, powered by an AMD 386/40 coupled with an IIT 387/40. Eight megs of DRAM (on 8 1-meg SIMMs) and a 340 MB Conner hard disk support the Linux Operating System (2.0.34). The system is connected to the Internet with a three-wire (XOn, XOff) 57.6 kbps serial link (over a 16450 UART which had more than two billions of interrupts at the last reboot). A parallel port, a keyboard, a Hercules Video Card and a Monitor (connected when needed :) ) complete the hardware. The Slut Machine currently runs an Apache Web server, SMTP MTA, IRCii, some Bots, some BNCs, and a POP3 server. Slut services are available for friends, supporters and for who deserves.

How about an atomic bomb ?
Atomic explosion Browsing thru resources about the bomb available on the net
Covering official an unofficial atomic sites.
Photographs of Damage due to the atomic bomb GO! - 50th Atomic Bomb of Nagasaki's GO! - Living Witnesses to the Atomic Bomb GO! - Fat Man and Little Boy. Birth of the atomic age GO! - The Enola Gay controversy GO! - Leo Szilard GO! - A History of the Ideas Leading to the Discovery of the Atomic BombGO! - Todd's atomic homepage GO! - Atomic bomb references GO! - Documentation and Diagrams of the Atomic Bomb GO! - The KGB Atomic Bomb plans GO!

Is your old computer in the trashcan (yet) ?
Cisco 5300 backplane The Slut Machine is an old computer that works (still)
Don't let people forget about the old one you had.
Lots of models are now being destructed. A picture is a memory. Let's take pictures before they get too old and go wasted. Let's have a tour on the old models from Apple, Commodore, Olivetti, IBM, and such.
Obsolete computer museum GO! - The Sicilian Virtual Computer Museum GO!


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